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Use rename linux command for podcasts in Plex

I’m attempting to integrate podcasts into Plex so that I can listen to them over my Roku. This is something Plex doesn’t do well yet, but I’m following this tutorial on Reddit

how to create a PODCAST library, a VIDEO PODCAST library, an AUDIO BOOK library, and much more – an ultimate plex guide

The rename command, which is implemented in perl, can rename the files.

The files should be in a format like this
“podcast name” – “s01e###” – “title”.mp3

the patch – s01e100 – mortal kombat x + halo online.mp3

My goal is to integrate the Escape Pod podcast, so I have the latest Escape Pod download


The first command to run against the filename adds Escape Pod to the beginning and puts the episode number into a Season/Episode format (S01E502)

rename -v ‘s/EP(\d+)_(.*[A-Z].+)\.mp3/Escape Pod – S01E$1 – $2\.mp3/’ EP502_GorlacktheDestroyersAllYouCanEatAdventure.mp3
results in
EP502_GorlacktheDestroyersAllYouCanEatAdventure.mp3 renamed as Escape Pod – S01E502 – GorlacktheDestroyersAllYouCanEatAdventure.mp3

The title is still a little ugly, so we run this command which will add a space in front of each capital letter in the title except the first one.
rename -nv ‘s/([a-z])([A-Z])/$1\ $2/g’ ./Escape\ Pod\ -\ S01E502\ -\ GorlacktheDestroyersAllYouCanEatAdventure.mp3
results in
./Escape Pod – S01E502 – GorlacktheDestroyersAllYouCanEatAdventure.mp3 renamed as ./Escape Pod – S01E502 – Gorlackthe Destroyers All You Can Eat Adventure.mp3

This gets us close. Unfortunately “the” wasn’t capitalized, so it’s not easy to add a space in there.
I ran this command
rename -n ‘s/(the\ )/\ $1/’ *mp3
Escape Pod – S01E502 – Gorlackthe Destroyers All You Can Eat Adventure.mp3 renamed as Escape Pod – S01E502 – Gorlack the Destroyers All You Can Eat Adventure.mp3
which worked in this situation, but it has a good probability for false positives.

This isn’t perfect, but it gets me much closer to where I want to be.

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