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Images Not Uploading From Page – WordPress 4.2

Since updating ot WordPress 4.2 (WP 4.2.1 now), I have had some problems updloading images.

The nice folks over at wpmudev.org helped me out with the problem suggesting that it was probably a javascript problem caused by a plugin conflict.

I did some plugin troubleshooting and determined that this was the case. After more troubleshooting it came down to a conflict between WordPress SEO and Post Thumbnail Editor.

Here is a link to the thread on the WordPress Support forums

JS bug prevents uploading media in Page/Post editor

A temporary workaround is simple enough to get media and image uploads working from the page or post editor.

Just comment out line 171 in post-thumbnail-editor.php and the upload problem will go away.

/** For the "Edit Image" stuff **/
/* Hook into the Edit Image page */
//add_action('dbx_post_advanced', 'pte_edit_form_hook_redirect');

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